Managed IT Services

Fine-Tune Your Technology and Support Success at Every Turn

You wouldn’t drive your car for thousands of miles on end without servicing it, right? Well, if you want your technology to work with you towards your goals, it needs the same treatment. Without proactive maintenance, you’ll experience technology issues including downtime, loss of revenue and an endless number of IT-related headaches. This is where TecCare comes in.

With TCG’s managed IT services, you can avoid downtime and feel confident knowing that we’re monitoring your systems 24/7. Our TecCare offers three levels of support – Essentials, Professional and Enterprise 24×7. We work tirelessly to identify any issues before they cause problems and make sure that you experience as few IT interruptions as possible. You’ll even know exactly how much you’re going to pay each month instead of doing guesswork based on how much we’ve helped you. Don’t wait for an IT problem to slow you down. Take advantage of TecCare today, and experience an optimized infrastructure.

What can we help with?

Server Monitoring and Network Management

Server or network downtime is costly.

Remote Computer Support

Computer hiccups slow everybody down.

IT Help Desk

Solving IT issues doesn’t have to take forever.

Have a taste of proactive maintenance.